Friday, May 8, 2009

Kitty lives The Good Life

Hi my name is Arnica!
I am not your typical independent cat.
In fact, I am the biggest love bug.
I love to sit in your lap, on your lap top (while in use), licking your face, your hands, rolling on my back so you can scratch my tummy.
Hey wait, I'm not a dog!  Sometimes I just act like one.

Anyways!  I (Wendy, not the cat) have been going to the Downey Animal Shelter for the past 3 weekends.  It was a tough place to go to, but Im really glad I went.  There are SO many animals that need homes and a place where they can be loved again.


I have a secret.

My dad doesnt know.

But everyone else does!

I'm bringing home a puppy from the shelter today.  shhhh!

It's gonna be one of those, SURPRISE!  haha...yea...i found him, or I mean, my friend found him and needed someone to take care of him...yea...


okay!  well, I have to believe my pets live the good life and I would like to give that to another if I can.  And in return, they let me live the good life cuz animals make our lives so much better!



jangmi said...

wendy! i had no idea you were such an animal lover!! that's awesome...just don't grow old alone and have 90 cats. thats scary!

yunsok said...