Monday, May 4, 2009

Himalayan Dog Chew Review

Himalayan Dog Chew Review

Happy is a Great Pyrenees, a breed that tends to be "Night Barkers." So it is important for me to find a treat that keeps her busy through the night (or at least until she falls asleep!)  

So I ordered the Himalayan Dog Chew made from Boiling Yak and Cow milk and then are dried for several weeks.  You can read a small description in photo above.  It almost looks like a hard candy.  I gave it to her around 9pm and I didnt hear a peep from her until about midnight...and still then she was pretty quiet.  

Wendy's Review:  GREAT!  Kept Happy occupied for hours.  Didnt have any bad smells.  Feels very substantial.  Large treat was around 6" x 1 1/4" wide.  Plenty for a large dog.  Possibly may be Medium size next time because I have a feeling Happy buried what she didnt finish...

Happy's Review:  Tasted good.  Buried the rest for later eating.  Tastes like milk candy!

Grade:  A


jangmi said...

Happy is one happy dog with that dog chew!! you're a great owner!

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