Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4 years have passed.  Time keeps ticking into the future.
Asher is now 97lbs large and Happy is, well, Happy.

I'm in my own house which I bought half a year ago and my pets are all with me.

I want to continue to do my pet product reviews for both cats and dogs!  Ive been trying a lot of new products and new foods, and I'll also review some of my favorite items.

Okay, 2013, here we go!

Happy, Asher, Arnica and Bowie

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Ok, took Ash to the vet this morning to get him tested for the nasties.  

He came back with a trace amount of Giardia (which is why he was having the runs) and OH, just to be funny...he also had round worms.  Lovely.

He's on antibiotics now, but since Giardia is highly contagious (to other animals and humans), Happy is also on meds too.  Hopefully (crossing fingers) this is the end of Diarrhea splatters all over the yard.

So, $200.00 later...I'm feeling I got screwed.

I got Asher for $38.00 at the pound but in ONE MONTH have spent close to $600.00 in vet bills.  I love you guys but COME ON!  Give me (and my wallet) a break...please :)

till next vet visit...


Monday, June 8, 2009


Asher still has diarrhea and its been a month since I brought him from the shelter.  I have switched foods and now its looking like we might have a bigger problem on our hands.

Tonight I will be cooking rice and chicken for my Ash.  Rice and chicken is very mild and helps with upset stomaches.  I have done this for Happy one time before and it does really work after a few days.

Also, tomorrow Asher is going back to the vet to check if he has GIARDIA.  It sounds as bad as its spelling.  I dont know too much about it so I googled it.  Sounds pretty serious.  Its an intestinal infection caused by a parasite.  They are found in many animals, including dogs and humans.

They attached to the lining of the intestines and blocks normal digestion causing diarrhea.  This is not often noticed in regular fecal exams because they are smaller than worms which are usually visible to human eyes.

AHHHHHHHHHH.  Another thing going wrong.  Its contagious so its possible its spread to Happy and to me.  GROSS.  

This makes me sad.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Update on Asher

He is crazy.

thats all.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Meet Asher.
He sleeps A LOT...all the time actually.

We think he is a Shepherd/Collie mix and he's really
eager to learn.  He's very affectionate and likes to sit at your feet
and live kisses.  Quiet the opposite of Happy, who is much more
independent and only comes to you when she wants something.
Happy is really sweet though.  I love her.
I love them both.

He still has diarrhea though.

I hate cleaning it up.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Kitty lives The Good Life

Hi my name is Arnica!
I am not your typical independent cat.
In fact, I am the biggest love bug.
I love to sit in your lap, on your lap top (while in use), licking your face, your hands, rolling on my back so you can scratch my tummy.
Hey wait, I'm not a dog!  Sometimes I just act like one.

Anyways!  I (Wendy, not the cat) have been going to the Downey Animal Shelter for the past 3 weekends.  It was a tough place to go to, but Im really glad I went.  There are SO many animals that need homes and a place where they can be loved again.


I have a secret.

My dad doesnt know.

But everyone else does!

I'm bringing home a puppy from the shelter today.  shhhh!

It's gonna be one of those, SURPRISE!  haha...yea...i found him, or I mean, my friend found him and needed someone to take care of him...yea...


okay!  well, I have to believe my pets live the good life and I would like to give that to another if I can.  And in return, they let me live the good life cuz animals make our lives so much better!


Monday, May 4, 2009

Himalayan Dog Chew Review

Himalayan Dog Chew Review

Happy is a Great Pyrenees, a breed that tends to be "Night Barkers." So it is important for me to find a treat that keeps her busy through the night (or at least until she falls asleep!)  

So I ordered the Himalayan Dog Chew made from Boiling Yak and Cow milk and then are dried for several weeks.  You can read a small description in photo above.  It almost looks like a hard candy.  I gave it to her around 9pm and I didnt hear a peep from her until about midnight...and still then she was pretty quiet.  

Wendy's Review:  GREAT!  Kept Happy occupied for hours.  Didnt have any bad smells.  Feels very substantial.  Large treat was around 6" x 1 1/4" wide.  Plenty for a large dog.  Possibly may be Medium size next time because I have a feeling Happy buried what she didnt finish...

Happy's Review:  Tasted good.  Buried the rest for later eating.  Tastes like milk candy!

Grade:  A