Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Ok, took Ash to the vet this morning to get him tested for the nasties.  

He came back with a trace amount of Giardia (which is why he was having the runs) and OH, just to be funny...he also had round worms.  Lovely.

He's on antibiotics now, but since Giardia is highly contagious (to other animals and humans), Happy is also on meds too.  Hopefully (crossing fingers) this is the end of Diarrhea splatters all over the yard.

So, $200.00 later...I'm feeling I got screwed.

I got Asher for $38.00 at the pound but in ONE MONTH have spent close to $600.00 in vet bills.  I love you guys but COME ON!  Give me (and my wallet) a break...please :)

till next vet visit...


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TheLoudOne said...

about time you updated.