Monday, June 8, 2009


Asher still has diarrhea and its been a month since I brought him from the shelter.  I have switched foods and now its looking like we might have a bigger problem on our hands.

Tonight I will be cooking rice and chicken for my Ash.  Rice and chicken is very mild and helps with upset stomaches.  I have done this for Happy one time before and it does really work after a few days.

Also, tomorrow Asher is going back to the vet to check if he has GIARDIA.  It sounds as bad as its spelling.  I dont know too much about it so I googled it.  Sounds pretty serious.  Its an intestinal infection caused by a parasite.  They are found in many animals, including dogs and humans.

They attached to the lining of the intestines and blocks normal digestion causing diarrhea.  This is not often noticed in regular fecal exams because they are smaller than worms which are usually visible to human eyes.

AHHHHHHHHHH.  Another thing going wrong.  Its contagious so its possible its spread to Happy and to me.  GROSS.  

This makes me sad.


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jangmi said...

oh no! hope asher gets better soon...the runs suck!!